We live in a digital age of abbreviated texts, in the era of sound bites and 140 character messages, but good writing still matters when it comes to the business world. You may be an aspiring, employee, manager, small business owner, even a corporate entrepreneur, need to know effective business writing. Business writing is one of the fundamental elements of a business. You can call it the lifeblood of business also. It conveys information, delivers news, direct action or influence to take action, explain or justify its aims and objects. A purposeful piece of business writing provides relevant information to help a reader know something or do something. Whether you’re writing marketing copy for a proposed advertising campaign or you’re sending a letter of proposal to a possible client, your writing skills must be sharp as well as professional. Improved your business writing skills, you can ultimately improve the success of your business

 The old style of clichéd business writing is obsolete now. But some basic rules still exist. Correct spelling, proper punctuation, grammatical accuracy and choice of good words are still treated as consistent style and attribute great importance. Sloppy writing style affects your business badly and impacts with a wide-ranging negative effect. Bad business writing alienate you from customers, hampers your drive to attract investors, makes your effort failure to communicate vendors, and create communication gap even with your employees.


Business Writings includes a wide variety of purposes and have several and separate styles, forms and formats. Here we distilled 6 types of Business writing.
1. Instructional Business Writing: User Manual, a technical document of a product or process, memo, a short notification of new information
2. Informational Business Writing: Report writing, meeting minutes, financial documents that outline the financial state of a company.
3. Persuasive Business Writing: Sales Email, Press Release and other persuasive writing that focus on a specific item directly, or focus on developing the client relationship, proposal indirectly, and generally presents project overview, benefits, timeline, costs, and competency of the business.
4. Transactional Business Writing: documents that used to quickly communicate information between staff or clients in business activities may be e-mail, dismissal notice to terminate any employee, etc.
5. Writing for the interactive world: Writing for websites, blogs to meet the interactive world, and leveraging internet opportunities.
6. Writing for public relation: Present yourself, writing an oral presentation, video, for public relation purpose; Putting techniques for professional strategies and tips to work for you.

Style and Approach

Good business writing is clear, concise, easy to understand, conversational, to the point, obvious purpose, reader-oriented, and jargon-free. It can achieve goals for its reader-friendly quality. It is not like the conventional note sent by e-mail. Business letters or memos should follow a formal and legalistic style but crisp and clear in its expression. But will be not too formal or too informal or casual style. Too formal can turn away readers and too informal can make it unprofessional and insincere. The best business writings follow a style that is clear, persuasive and can be understood easily.
Your language should be clear, concrete and understandable for your reader. In fact, you cannot be persuasive without being clear. It will not a heavyweight wordy and verbose writing with unnecessary use of passive voice and make it overly impersonal, uninformative, dull and ambiguous for readers.
Don’t think writing as a tedious or frivolous exercise. It is a skill of knowledge and expertise that can grow interested in making intelligent sentences. It can communicate effectively, win the business competition, and bring success to your life.
In fact, you cannot be persuasive without being clear. It will not a heavyweight wordy and verbose writing with unnecessary use passive voice and make it overly impersonal, uninformative, dull and ambiguous for readers.
Good writing is not “a way with words” – ultimately it is good thinking, If you know techniques and tools that help you think more clearly and therefore write better.
Bad writing causes of bad business writings are that practical writing is rarely taught in school. Typically we lean academic writing, which aims to demonstrate what we know and please the teacher. It values erudite language, abstract thought, and precise grammar. Most of this is contrary to good business writing.
But it is not a thing that is unachievable. Anyone can achieve the quality and adeptness of a good business writer if follows some steps and practices.

Practice a Lot

It is said that practice makes perfect. This saying is 100% correct in business writing also. At it may appear daunting and troublesome but if you do practice in writing and editing with patience, you will be accustomed and used to, and gradually can be a good business writer.
In order to improve yourself as a better writer, you need to start writing and stay writing. A writer should not give up saying he or she is incapable of writing. Everyone can write, improve if he or she gives time in practice consistently. How to practice? Typing more words doesn’t make you a better writer. To build new skills and abilities as a good performer the most effective method is to follow a purposeful practice.
Clear writing means clear thinking. Before you put pen to paper or hands to keyboard, consider what you want to say. First, organize your thinking than organize your writing in a way that can communicate to reads. You can have all the great ideas. If you can’t communicate, nobody will hear them. Here is the importance of practice to learn the use effective, communicative and effective writing is not a gift that you’re born with, it’s a skill that you cultivate how to write simply, clearly, and precisely. To achieve it you should practice, Practice every day. Practice with a purpose to achieve clarity, eliminate overuse of the passive voice, unnecessary prepositions, an article that destroys good business writing. After writing, read it attentively. Cut the fats. Avoid writing to three words when one can do. Put your critical eyes, and make sure that each word works toward your larger point. Be sure that you have started with a good opener. If your opener is bad, the whole piece of your writing will not be the good one. Before diving into the bulk of your writing, present your main theme succinctly. It will save the time of your audience and sharpen your arguments.
As an aspiring business writer, you have to practice your writing with purpose. The purpose should be well defined with a goal, and well focused. Focus means not to be distracted by any other things or works. Be attentive to one aim and stay committed to improving the specific task. It is not easy to earn the skill of excellent sentence structure, relevant word choice, and perfect rhythm overnight. It needs a long and deliberate practice but not unattainable.

Blogs, Books, Business Newspapers

To learn effective business writing you should study other expert writers. It can help you to hone your writing technique. The Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, New York Time etc, are sources of good business writings. These can help aspiring writers to find his or her own method of writing.
Some excellent books are, also available dedicated to improving your business writing skills. These books are written by expert corporate writers, have lots of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the business writing sector.
You can brush up on the flawless advance writing style and keep abreast on the latest trends of business writing. You will learn good grammar as well as write digital business letters, proposals with good grammar. Name of some recommended books are mentioned below:
1.”10 Steps to Successful Business Writing” by Jack E. Appleman,
2.”The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Business Writing and Communication” by Kenneth W. Davis,
3. “Effective Business Writing” by Maryann Piotrowski,
4.”The Business Writer’s Handbook, Eighth Edition” by Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, and Walter E. Oliu.
5. “Business Writing: What Works, What Won’t” by Wilma Davidson
6. “HBR Guide to Better Business Writing “ by Bryan A. Garner
7. “Business Writing: What Works, What Won’t” by Wilma Davidson
8. “Business Writing Today: A Practical Guide” by Natalie Canavor
9. “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B. White
10. “How to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation” by Rosalie Maggio

Online Tools
There are some online writing tools you can use to improve your business writing; the features they offer include online spelling checker, plagiarism checker, a grammar checker. They can improve readability, detecting overused words, eliminate clichés of your writing. With the help of these tools, you can ensure the quality of your work, create flawless and effective writings.
Wridea: You can access to various brainstorming tools by this site along with idea management service. Before writing any content you can organize your idea with its help.
Literatureandlatte.com: It makes your Business writing easier to create an amazing write-up.You will get a free version of Scrivener and a guide to writing business plans or other important documents.
Allcorrect: It can work exactly as you instruct and specify the task. It can correct and proofread needed for your business writing.
Dragon Dictation: Is a speaking-and-writing tool. You will speak before it and accurate writing text will appear in it. Thus you can make a business writing without writing.
Stoodle.It is a real-time collaborating communicating tool, can upload an image and have storage feature, easier for students and teachers to interact.
Proessaywriting.com : This site can create topnotch and quality content for any business purpose. You just need to instruct about criteria and deadline for your content.
ProWritingAid. is a free online tool for writing and editing and grammar checker. If you need it can coach you for enhancing your writing skill.

Business Writing Training Institute

To brush up on Business Writing skills practically, rapidly and you can take admission to a business writing academy or Institute.  A number of institutes offer business writing workshops and trainings, not virtually but physically.

These trainings of Business Writing introduce you to the theory and practice of writing in the modern business environment by direct practice and training. You will learn what is the principle of written communication, how to express your ideas and thoughts s through writing. How it makes the write-ups concise, clear and efficient work. You will learn how to prepare for a successful write-up, how to use a planning checklist, how to create an important business message, following an appropriate style and format.

Not only how to write letters, emails, memos, letters, and reports, you will learn more than that. You will learn to write several important business documents like annual reports, business plan and policy and so on.This type of courses costs few dollars, but your learning is priceless. Some courses occasionally offer a discounted rate.

One training  venue called Accordemy, is a Corporate Overseas Training Company in Dubai , came for quest and growth with a slogan – Learn, Transform and Perform. It is a training Academy by Accord worldwide Ltd. offers a variety of writing programs, including business writing. Programs of its advance business writing are as follows :
• In-house training group in any part of the world.
• Customized to a specific need- based training of your target trainees.
• Offers courses in other languages, other than English, too.
In the businesses of modern age professional business writing has a great importance. If you can build up a strong writing confidence and expressing skill in any business environment you can take your career in a distinctive stage. Completing these interesting and effective courses can build this confidence and hone your skill. If you have a business writing course from a genuine organization, you will get chock-full help to be a strong confident and creative business writer. There will be no rooms for mistakes in you writing .You will reach the doorstep of great success. The corporate ladder will be waiting for you to climb the higher stage of successful writing.